Who Knew Allergies Can Be Related to Spinal Injury?

It took a visit to a chiropractor in Cumming to reveal to me how spinal injuries can often result in allergies. It seemed positively insane to me that such a relationship exists, but apparently it does. I had a lot of allergies when I was a kid, to the point where I had to actually visit an allergy doctor and have them do that grid on your back where they test various pollens and substances to see what makes you break out. My early life was a series of coughing fits, clogged sinuses, and general misery.

As I got older, the allergies faded away as they do with most people. Eventually your body comes around and you get some amount of immunity. Then I got into a car accident that resulted in a spinal injury. As I was recovering from the injury, I noticed I was having the old problems with allergies again. I thought it was very strange indeed, but just assumed that the accident messed with my immune system and that as time passed I would return to my former condition. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The allergies persisted long after the injury seemed to heal.

It was only when I went in to see a chiropractor that they put two and two together and suggested my coughing and sneezing could be related to the accident. Apparently when the brain and spine aren’t in good communication together, you can get this type of result. So I made a series of visits to the chiropractor where they worked some magic on my spine and lo and behold the allergic condition evaporated over a period of weeks. Even better was that my spine felt a lot better. I thought it had healed, but after some adjustments I could tell it was much better!

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