We Had to Move in with Each Other

My sister lost her job nearly four months ago because of an illness. She tried to get on disability, but she was denied. She went through her savings pretty fast since she had no income coming in. I knew that she needed to make a major change in her life. Otherwise, she was going to lose everything. The best plan I could come up with was to look at 2 bedroom apartments in Kingsport TN. I figured since we were each paying full rent on our one bedroom apartments, we could pay a little more on a two bedroom apartment.

I knew that would help her a lot since I would be able to cover the cost of our living expenses if we were living together. I just couldn’t afford to support two different households. When I suggested it to her, she was both happy and sad. She knew that this was the only real answer, but she also thought that I was giving up my freedom and independence. I told her that nothing else matters but the two of us sticking together, and we started looking at two bedroom apartments that same day.

We found a gem at Country Shores Apartments. We both knew that we really had struck gold with this apartment, because it was not expensive, it was in a good part of town, and it was spacious. The best part is that we have two bathrooms here, so she will be able to have complete privacy. I am just really happy that this has worked out this way, as I can finally admit that I was really scared how we were going to pull it off. My sister is finally getting better, and she is no longer stressed. As for me, it has been great living with her and bonding together even more.

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