The Power of a Skilled Team

One day while playing a block puzzle game app on my phone, I came up with a great game idea. The game would be similar to the block puzzle game that I was playing, but rather than using colored shapes that fall from the sky, it would use letter, and the player would have to arrange the letters into words to get rid of them. I only had a limited amount of programming and art skills, so I went to to have them put together the game for me. Sometimes it’s best to pay someone to do a task if you cant do it on your own, because they may have a capable team that can perform the task much quicker.

Even though the app was being made by the team, I was still there to provide input as to how I wanted the game to work. I gave the team information about how I wanted the game to look, what kinds of devices I wanted it to run on, and even how scalable the game should be to more powerful devices. I wanted the game to be playable on pretty much everything, from the most powerful phones and tablets, to the weakest ones that you can find cheaply at any dollar store.

Piece by piece I saw my game come together until it was finally done. I had done a lot of testing on the game while it was in its developmental stages to make sure that it ran perfectly when it came time to get the app on the market. I realize that it’s impossible to make an app that is completely bug free, but I wanted to iron out as many as possible. Once the app was on the market, it developed a large following in just a few weeks.

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