I Just Got a New Job

I was pretty surprised when I went to the interview. This did not take place at an office, but instead I was directed to an address that turned out to be the real estate office for some seaside residences in Singapore. These were really nice and there was a girl there who tried to sell me one of them. I was willing to let her try as hard as she could, because she was really good looking. That was pretty much my plan when the guy showed up. She was obviously his girlfriend and he seemed to be a jealous sort of guy from the way that he looked at me. That did not stop me from getting the job, which is going to involve a lot of moving around. The fact that I had a car was obviously a huge factor and it seemed pretty clear that he would not have given me the job without it. Of course the real place where you need the car is across the straits in Malaysia.

The job involves dealing with the car manufacturers in the region. You have to make sales. Of course there are car makers in Malaysia and in China and Japan, but the job for me is only involving the ones that are closest to us. It is not the sort of work that I am used to, but I have time. They are going to train me on what I need to do and that is going to take a couple of weeks. The guy gave me a big stack of literature and I am going to learn the entire thing. I have a test on it in a couple of days. It is obvious that they want me to know it all from front to back.

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