Calling the Seaside Residences Home Will Be Exciting

I look at The New Launch Collections every now and again just to get updates on the EC launches that are going on in the districts around me. That is how I found out about the Seaside Residences, which is a new development going in District 16. It is right by the water, and that makes me so happy. I do enjoy where I am living now, but living right on the shore has always been my goal. It is going to be pretty big too, with 841 residential units and two commercial places.

I am definitely a people person, so I loved the idea of having so many neighbors around. Some of my friends would be content on a deserted island for months, but that would drive me insane. The more people around me, the better. There are so many social things to do there too, which will just add to the opportunities there for me to meet more people. It is also really close to East Coast Park, which is one of my favorite places to go. It is where I learned how to cable ski, which is something I like to do to this day.

Even though I am only going to get a one bedroom unit, this is the perfect place for even larger families. The biggest unit is a five bedroom penthouse unit, so I can only imagine how nice that is going to be once it is done. I would have loved growing up in a place like this, so the kids who get to live here are going to be really lucky since there are so many things that they will be able to do. I am looking forward to having this completed because I really do want to move in and call it home.

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