Best Kitchens I’ve Ever Seen

When I stumbled over a homepage for an apartment complex, a homepage I found due to the fact that I need to move out of my current living space due to a disagreement with my landlord over a host of issues he refuses to fix, I just knew I found my new place to live. Oddly enough it was the kitchen that sold me on the place. I think that is largely due to the fact that I work as a chef and spend most of my off time preparing new dishes with an eye to incorporating them into the menu at my place of employment.

I have lived in a couple of different places since moving to Charlotte and none of them had a kitchen worth mentioning. They were cramped spaces with ancient appliances that had been used for so long that it was a miracle they didn’t just break down at any given moment. But I wasn’t making as much money even a year ago and pretty much had to put up with the mediocre amenities. That was one of the problems I had with my most recent landlord. He just refused to update anything in the apartment.

I’m not going to have this problem at my new place! The kitchen looks like it came from the future. All of the appliances are state of the art and seem to be lightly used so I have no doubts about their ability to serve me well. As for the rest of the apartment, I’ll be enjoying my cooking experiments in rooms with ten foot high ceilings and a dedicated high speed wifi fiber that is set up just for all of us living in the complex. Throw in the excellent sound proofing and I have to say I’ve never lived in as nice of a place.

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