Back in Black with Some Help

This has been quite a successful few months for me, and I have Algorhytm to thank for it. These months mark the growth of my business that has been on a downward spiral for nearly half a year. I was faced with some pretty bad financial problems that was affecting my business greatly. I had to cut back on the number of products that was being sold on my website because they were too expensive to produce. I produce custom plastic parts for remote controlled toys and robots. Initially business was fine, but I started to get less customers, and I couldn’t afford to buy as much plastic to make the parts. I even had to temporarily switch to a less expensive production method that works via mold injection instead of 3D printing.

Getting my business into the growth phase again was a multiple step process. First I had to get more people interested in my company as a whole. This meant using an SEO company to drive more traffic to my website so that more people would see it and be inclined to buy things from my web store. I also had to get more money to buy more materials to produce the items that I sold. I had to take a bit of a loan from the bank to cover this.

As more people came to my site and saw the web store, they ordered more items and I was able to switch back to the 3D printing method of production. I like this method better because the items that are produced are clean and I don’t have to deal with trimming off flashing from where the edges of a mold are sealed together. I’m going to purchase a second 3D printer to push out orders at a faster rate.

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