A Drunk Smashed into My Car

I was just minding my own business when it happened, pretty much doing the same thing that I am doing every weekday morning. I was not even moving. I had gotten to work and I was checking a message that I had on my phone. The guy came out of nowhere and crashed into my car at a great speed, in fact he hit from behind and drove me into another parked car. He was drunk and running from the police, I had to go see a San Jose chiropractor a few days later. Of course that was better than what the other guy got. Somehow he was blind drunk at nine in the morning and so drunk that he tried to run across a busy street in rush hour traffic. The guy was really seriously hurt and he ended up in an ambulance. They told me that he was in critical condition, so it was hard for me to be as mad at him as I would have liked to have been.

At first I did not think that I was really hurt, but I was pretty mad about my car. It was a total loss. The entire rear end of the car was crumpled up. I had a bunch of stuff in the trunk and I was sitting there trying to figure out if there was anything left of it and how I could get it out of there. Some of it belonged to the company and a bunch of the people from the office came outside to stare at me and the mess of the car. The next morning I realized that my back was out of sorts. I tried to get out of the bed and it was really stiff. There was nothing to do except see a chiropractor.

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