A Dentist That Works Well with Kids

When my child’s dentist was not able to see him when he was in a lot of pain, I was very frustrated. I knew that something had to be wrong because my son takes really good care of his teeth. I also knew that I did not want to wait the two days that his dentist said was the earliest he could see us. I appreciate that people have schedules, but I am a mom first, which means I put my son first. I did a search for an emergency dentist for Aurora, and that is how I found Dr. Ricci.

My son is only eight years old, and I know a lot of dentists prefer that young kids go to a pediatric dentist. Thankfully, there are some dentists who understand that it is best to have a patient from a young age, like Dr. Ricci. We were able to get in to see him within just a few hours of my phone call. He told us after an examination that my son had a cavity. What really endeared Dr. Ricci to me was that he did not just talk to me about this.

He included my eight year old son in everything. That made my son feel really important, and it also built an immediate trust that he has never had with his former dentist. Yes, I said former, because we will only see Dr. Ricci now. I was so impressed with how he handled my son that our entire family now goes there to see him. He filled my son’s tooth, and he did not shed a single tear. Even when his former dentist would just give him an exam, he always cried. Now, he can get a tooth filled and laugh because Dr. Ricci makes it painless and fun. How can you not choose someone like Dr. Ricci as the dentist for your entire family?

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