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I Spent the Day in Court

Of course there was not much sense in any of it. I had witnessed the crash and I knew which one of the drivers was at fault, but so did the police officer who took down the accident report. The story was there written on the pavement of the intersection and I am pretty sure that it was all on video as that is one of the intersections you see on the traffic channel. This Sacramento auto injury attorney was trying to turn it into a much bigger deal than it really was in my opinion, but all I did was sit around and wait. It was pretty obvious what was going on, the lawyers were talking to each other about a deal and the whole time they were stalling the rest of the people involved. Continue reading

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I Really Like the Options I Have and the People Here

What a refreshing change of pace to have some freedom to choose what I want. I just moved to Texas a month ago, and I am tickled at how things work here. Before I came, I knew that I needed to set up my cable and internet and electricity. I found a site for people relocating that just said to visit site for all the links, and I found a variety of different companies that are in the area right on that one page. They are so welcoming here. It was not like that where I used to live.

I only had one company that I could get my internet and cable from previously. That meant that even when they raised the prices at the end of every one of your contract terms, there was nothing you could do about that. You had no other choices. And the same went for the local utility company. Continue reading

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A Company That Gives Back to the Community

I knew that one of the things I was going to have to do before moving to Spring, Texas was look at the different energy providers. My husband told me to just choose one, but that didn’t feel right to me. I know that we are not talking about a major decision, but it is still an important one. Because of that, I wanted to make sure that I was making the right one for our family. It did not take long to find a website that had all of the information that I needed on it to help me make the decision on which energy company our house would use.

I liked that I was able to get information on each individual energy company. I am not talking about rates only. Continue reading

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You Made My Daughter’s Assignment Easier

The website was very helpful when I was helping my daughter scan old news clippings into a website she was making for school. My daughter was in high school and they had an assignment to make a website about your family history. My family has lived in Chicago for many years and had two bakeries so we had lots of fun newspaper clippings about our family business along with some great old photos. Our family bakery was the backbone of our family. I remember going there every day after I would get out of school. I would do little jobs around the bakery. But my mother always made sure our school was done first. She would get me a huge glass of milk and my favorite donut and then sit me down at one of the back tables and tell me to get busy.

I know it was a different childhood then most of my friends, but it was also a great one too. All of my friends wanted to come over to the bakery after school to try our pastries. Continue reading

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The Real Life Game of Tetris

Having lived in Singapore for a few months now, I have come to recognize just how important it is be aware of how much space that you have in your apartment, how you’re going to be using that space and how the things that you fill the space with are going to impact your life. Back home in the United States, it was easy to fill your home with a vast number of things – whether they’re art, collectibles or useful utility items, space is rarely a concern for most Americans. And yet, in Singapore, becomes readily necessary for anyone who is carrying with them a lot of their items from the West if they are moving to this wonderful city-state we call Singapore. Continue reading

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Setting Up a Security System

Of course as soon as I built this house it struck me as to how vulnerable it is to burglars. For one thing it is a pretty good ways from any place by road, and I am not so sure that I have a huge amount of faith in the response time of the local sheriff’s department. The house is about a mile down a dead end road and a good hundred yards from the neighbors. Then there is the lake. I went this site ( today and tried to figure out what an ADT monitoring plan would cost me. The big thing I am worried about is pirates actually. This house sitting about fifty feet up a slope from a huge reservoir. Continue reading

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The Celebration Started a Bit Earlier

I had everything planned for my wedding. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me that something would go wrong though, mainly because of how perfectly everything was up to that point. The church where I was to be married at told me they had double booked the church and wanted me to change my date. I refused, so instead I found a church in a neighboring town to hold the ceremony. I was able to secure the services of a transport company in singapore so none of my guests would need to be inconvenienced.

Though the new church is only about 15 miles away, I still didn’t want them to have to travel that distance since most of them are not familiar with this area anyway. Most of them had booked their hotels by this point, so we agreed that the buses would just pick everyone up at their hotels and transport them to the church. After the ceremony, they would transport everyone back to the hotel ballroom where our reception is to be held. I had quite a few people come up to me and comment on how I handled the situation. Continue reading

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A Better Way of Watching TV

I won’t deny that I went to satellite after finally surrendering to my cable company. Clearly, Time Warner didn’t care about my money or even my happiness as a customer. Their infrastructure has become so bloated as to make them difficult to work with which is, of course, the natural state of any monopoly burdened by the bureaucracies of our society. When I began to make the switch to DirecTV, I was prepared to accept the worst and go about my business as I always have. Let me tell you; Direct TV HD is rad! I’m not sure how they’ve done it but the HD quality from DirecTV is far superior than Time Warner’s. Continue reading

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Getting the Lot Plowed Was Easy to Arrange

When I was hired on as a property manager for a large apartment complex, I knew that my work was cut out for me. My predecessor did not appear to have done much other than play video games, so I had to start from the ground up in reforming things. One of my first considerations was hiring a professional snow removal service since it was in the middle of winter. During our first heavy snowfall, I was surprised to find a single pickup truck with a snow plow on the front trying to clear the parking lots and drives of snow.

That seemed so outrageous to me, considering that amount of lots that needed to be cleared. No wonder so many people had been complaining. I went online and did a search for snow removal companies, and I was able to find one that is located in the same area. I could have submitted a request form right there on the site, but this was an urgent matter so I just contacted them over the phone instead. Continue reading

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Adding to Your Comic Book Collection Without Spending a Lot

 ... | Comic book culture, news, humor, commentary, and reviewsComic book collecting can be an expensive hobby. While there are times when you may be targeting a certain issue and you don’t mind spending money for it, at other times, you may just want to build your collection with free or cheap comic books. You can often find some great comic books this way as well. The following advice will help you add to your collection for little to no money.

Did you know that there is such a thing as Free Comic Book Day? Every year, most publishers will give away comic books at stores around the country. They usually provide a pretty good selection as well. Continue reading

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Comic Book Heroes Inspire Collectors

 ... : Digital Coloring for Comics, Color Flatting, Comic Book ColoringFew collectibles are as interesting as comic books and the products they inspire. Comic book collectors are not just interested in the value of their items, but are often very invested in the history and cultural significance of their collections. Super heroes also make the best subject matter for box office hit movies, creating real life super stars in the process.

Comic books were originally available for around a dime per book when they hit the newsstands in the 1930′s. Until the late 1980′s, the thin books could be purchased for under a dollar, making them accessible to collectors of all ages. Prices have increased considerably since then, with new comics selling for $3 to $4 each. This may make it more difficult for most kids to stock up at the newsstand, but they still sell by leaps and bounds.

Avid collectors look not only for comic books, but also for accessories such as toys, clothing, and household items. Most people have owned at least one Superman or similar item in their lifetime, even if they were not serious collectors. Continue reading

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