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A Great Apartment in Vegas

I know that people probably think that living in Vegas is noisy and fun. I rarely go onto the strip though because I prefer a nice and quiet routine. I would not say that where I live is noisy, but it does qualify as fun, at least in my book. I found my place when I did a search for apartments for rent in Las Vegas when I was thinking about moving here last year. I wanted a nice place without it being right in the center of all the action. While I enjoy a good time as much as the next person, I also enjoy peace and quiet a lot more.

When I saw the website for the Lyric apartments, I actually crossed my fingers and hoped that I would be able to get an apartment. I hadn’t even looked at the floor plans when I did this because the description of them on the front page of the site was enough to make me want to live there. Continue reading

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Trying out a New Zip Code

When most people search for apartments, they usually stick within their own zip code because they don’t want to stray far from the area that they’ve grown accustomed to for so long. This happened to me during my apartment search. I initially wanted to move away from my old zip code, but eventually I ended up searching for 89129 apartments anyway. I guess there really is no place like home, no matter how hard you try to escape it. It was a good thing that I continued to look in my home area, because I think I found an apartment that was better than the ones from the other zip codes.

I took a friend with me to do an apartment tour because I wanted his opinion on the place. I was thinking that it would be a good living spot for me, and needed a little bit of a confirmation. Continue reading

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An Advantage Because of My Training

I have always been interested in being the best that I can be, and that is the main reason that I decided to see a Denver sports performance coach about becoming a better player. I have loved sports ever since I can remember. Both of my parents were huge fans of several different sports, and their enthusiasm rubbed off on me. However, I was not content to just stay in the spectator stands. I wanted to be out there where the action was. I lettered in several sports in high school, and I got a full ride to college because of football.

That was not something that I took lightly at all. I studied hard and got great grades, and I played harder and made a name for myself on the team. Continue reading

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Who Knew Allergies Can Be Related to Spinal Injury?

It took a visit to a chiropractor in Cumming to reveal to me how spinal injuries can often result in allergies. It seemed positively insane to me that such a relationship exists, but apparently it does. I had a lot of allergies when I was a kid, to the point where I had to actually visit an allergy doctor and have them do that grid on your back where they test various pollens and substances to see what makes you break out. My early life was a series of coughing fits, clogged sinuses, and general misery.

As I got older, the allergies faded away as they do with most people. Eventually your body comes around and you get some amount of immunity. Then I got into a car accident that resulted in a spinal injury. As I was recovering from the injury, I noticed I was having the old problems with allergies again. Continue reading

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Calling the Seaside Residences Home Will Be Exciting

I look at The New Launch Collections every now and again just to get updates on the EC launches that are going on in the districts around me. That is how I found out about the Seaside Residences, which is a new development going in District 16. It is right by the water, and that makes me so happy. I do enjoy where I am living now, but living right on the shore has always been my goal. It is going to be pretty big too, with 841 residential units and two commercial places.

I am definitely a people person, so I loved the idea of having so many neighbors around. Some of my friends would be content on a deserted island for months, but that would drive me insane. The more people around me, the better. Continue reading

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The Power of a Skilled Team

One day while playing a block puzzle game app on my phone, I came up with a great game idea. The game would be similar to the block puzzle game that I was playing, but rather than using colored shapes that fall from the sky, it would use letter, and the player would have to arrange the letters into words to get rid of them. I only had a limited amount of programming and art skills, so I went to to have them put together the game for me. Continue reading

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I Just Got a New Job

I was pretty surprised when I went to the interview. This did not take place at an office, but instead I was directed to an address that turned out to be the real estate office for some seaside residences in Singapore. These were really nice and there was a girl there who tried to sell me one of them. I was willing to let her try as hard as she could, because she was really good looking. That was pretty much my plan when the guy showed up. She was obviously his girlfriend and he seemed to be a jealous sort of guy from the way that he looked at me. That did not stop me from getting the job, which is going to involve a lot of moving around. The fact that I had a car was obviously a huge factor and it seemed pretty clear that he would not have given me the job without it. Of course the real place where you need the car is across the straits in Malaysia. Continue reading

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A Chiropractor Educated Me on My Poor Choices

I have a very stressful job. I know most people don’t like these kinds of work places, but I absolutely love what I do. There are times when I want to throw my computer out the window, but there are more times when I want to high five everyone around me for the great job they are doing. I could tell that the stress was affecting me in some ways though, and I decided to go see a chiropractor in Campbell CA to see if there was anything that could be done about it.

I had a lot of pain in my shoulders and across my upper back, and I thought that this might be because I sat at a desk for so many hours throughout the day as well as the stress that I was feeling. I had no idea that a chiropractor could make me feel so good, because had I known that, I would have went to one years before I finally did. Continue reading

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Hurt My Back Riding Quarterhorses

I was just having a great day out riding with some of my friends at first. I do not have any horses of my own, but one of my friends knows a guy who has a big farm with about thirty or so horses, most of them are quarter horses and these are a real blast to ride, especially if they know how to barrel race. Of course I ended up seeing a Mesa chiropractor because the horse was a lot better at that than I turned out to be. If you have ever seen this done, then you would realize that the horse really has to cut the time around the barrels as much as possible and a quarter horse is really great at this. They sometimes knock the barrel over and a lot of the time it is wobbling around after the fact. You get penalized for knocking it over, but just running into it is fine. Continue reading

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A Drunk Smashed into My Car

I was just minding my own business when it happened, pretty much doing the same thing that I am doing every weekday morning. I was not even moving. I had gotten to work and I was checking a message that I had on my phone. The guy came out of nowhere and crashed into my car at a great speed, in fact he hit from behind and drove me into another parked car. He was drunk and running from the police, I had to go see a San Jose chiropractor a few days later. Of course that was better than what the other guy got. Continue reading

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I Got a New Refrigerator Because My Mom Was Upset with Her Ice Maker

My mom bought a new fridge last year, and she offered to let me have her old one. Well, to her it was old, but it was a lot newer than the one I had been using. My brothers brought it down for me and set it up, and they even took my old one away. It was so nice having so much more space in both the fridge and freezer. There is an automatic ice maker too, but that didn’t work for me until I contacted a company that handles appliance repair in Sacramento.

I would have asked one of my brothers to fix it for me, but they know probably as little about it as I do. I didn’t mind making my ice cubes myself, but I knew that I wanted to have it fixed before the hot summer days were upon us. The draw of having crushed ice for my tea and lemonade was just too strong, and I figured it probably would not cost too much to have someone come out and figure out why the ice machine was not working. Continue reading

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My Back Feels a Whole Lot Better when the Sun is Shining and the Weather is Warm

My brother calls me a lot in the winter. He keeps asking my wife and I to bring the dogs and come for a winter visit. He lives where it is warm. He moved south when he was in the Army and stayed there even after he retired from the military. Now he consults for a security firm, and he spends a lot of time on the water. He calls me “Cream Cheese” because I live in Philadelphia. It is a play on the brand of cheese I use. He asked if I had seen my chiropractor in Philadelphia yet this winter. I told him how I have been going about twice per week right now.

He knows how it gets for me in the winter. I have vacation time saved up, but I liked to take it in the summer. He told me to take a week and come visit now to give my back a break from the cold. He told me it was 82 degrees today at his house, and the water is nice. Not as warm as in August, but still nice. I cannot even imagine it being above 50 in January. Continue reading

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There is Help Available when You Just Can’t Do It Alone Anymore

I debated whether I should get the help of a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney this past year. I am hard headed and wanted to handle things on my own. But the deeper in debt that I became, I realized that I had thrown logic out the window and was making things worse because I was too foolish to get help more quickly. Getting help is a smart idea. Shunning help and being bullheaded when things clearly aren’t getting better is not so strong. I was ready to become strong ago, but it just took me some time to get to that knowledge.

My ex had charged my credit cards to the max. I really didn’t use them much, so I didn’t pay attention at first. Continue reading

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I Spent the Day in Court

Of course there was not much sense in any of it. I had witnessed the crash and I knew which one of the drivers was at fault, but so did the police officer who took down the accident report. The story was there written on the pavement of the intersection and I am pretty sure that it was all on video as that is one of the intersections you see on the traffic channel. This Sacramento auto injury attorney was trying to turn it into a much bigger deal than it really was in my opinion, but all I did was sit around and wait. It was pretty obvious what was going on, the lawyers were talking to each other about a deal and the whole time they were stalling the rest of the people involved. Continue reading

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I Really Like the Options I Have and the People Here

What a refreshing change of pace to have some freedom to choose what I want. I just moved to Texas a month ago, and I am tickled at how things work here. Before I came, I knew that I needed to set up my cable and internet and electricity. I found a site for people relocating that just said to visit site for all the links, and I found a variety of different companies that are in the area right on that one page. They are so welcoming here. It was not like that where I used to live.

I only had one company that I could get my internet and cable from previously. That meant that even when they raised the prices at the end of every one of your contract terms, there was nothing you could do about that. You had no other choices. And the same went for the local utility company. Continue reading

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A Company That Gives Back to the Community

I knew that one of the things I was going to have to do before moving to Spring, Texas was look at the different energy providers. My husband told me to just choose one, but that didn’t feel right to me. I know that we are not talking about a major decision, but it is still an important one. Because of that, I wanted to make sure that I was making the right one for our family. It did not take long to find a website that had all of the information that I needed on it to help me make the decision on which energy company our house would use.

I liked that I was able to get information on each individual energy company. I am not talking about rates only. Continue reading

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You Made My Daughter’s Assignment Easier

The website was very helpful when I was helping my daughter scan old news clippings into a website she was making for school. My daughter was in high school and they had an assignment to make a website about your family history. My family has lived in Chicago for many years and had two bakeries so we had lots of fun newspaper clippings about our family business along with some great old photos. Our family bakery was the backbone of our family. I remember going there every day after I would get out of school. I would do little jobs around the bakery. But my mother always made sure our school was done first. She would get me a huge glass of milk and my favorite donut and then sit me down at one of the back tables and tell me to get busy.

I know it was a different childhood then most of my friends, but it was also a great one too. All of my friends wanted to come over to the bakery after school to try our pastries. Continue reading

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The Real Life Game of Tetris

Having lived in Singapore for a few months now, I have come to recognize just how important it is be aware of how much space that you have in your apartment, how you’re going to be using that space and how the things that you fill the space with are going to impact your life. Back home in the United States, it was easy to fill your home with a vast number of things – whether they’re art, collectibles or useful utility items, space is rarely a concern for most Americans. And yet, in Singapore, becomes readily necessary for anyone who is carrying with them a lot of their items from the West if they are moving to this wonderful city-state we call Singapore. Continue reading

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Setting Up a Security System

Of course as soon as I built this house it struck me as to how vulnerable it is to burglars. For one thing it is a pretty good ways from any place by road, and I am not so sure that I have a huge amount of faith in the response time of the local sheriff’s department. The house is about a mile down a dead end road and a good hundred yards from the neighbors. Then there is the lake. I went this site ( today and tried to figure out what an ADT monitoring plan would cost me. The big thing I am worried about is pirates actually. This house sitting about fifty feet up a slope from a huge reservoir. Continue reading

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The Celebration Started a Bit Earlier

I had everything planned for my wedding. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me that something would go wrong though, mainly because of how perfectly everything was up to that point. The church where I was to be married at told me they had double booked the church and wanted me to change my date. I refused, so instead I found a church in a neighboring town to hold the ceremony. I was able to secure the services of a transport company in singapore so none of my guests would need to be inconvenienced.

Though the new church is only about 15 miles away, I still didn’t want them to have to travel that distance since most of them are not familiar with this area anyway. Most of them had booked their hotels by this point, so we agreed that the buses would just pick everyone up at their hotels and transport them to the church. After the ceremony, they would transport everyone back to the hotel ballroom where our reception is to be held. I had quite a few people come up to me and comment on how I handled the situation. Continue reading

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