Adding to Your Comic Book Collection Without Spending a Lot

 ... | Comic book culture, news, humor, commentary, and reviewsComic book collecting can be an expensive hobby. While there are times when you may be targeting a certain issue and you don’t mind spending money for it, at other times, you may just want to build your collection with free or cheap comic books. You can often find some great comic books this way as well. The following advice will help you add to your collection for little to no money.

Did you know that there is such a thing as Free Comic Book Day? Every year, most publishers will give away comic books at stores around the country. They usually provide a pretty good selection as well. Continue reading

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Comic Book Heroes Inspire Collectors

 ... : Digital Coloring for Comics, Color Flatting, Comic Book ColoringFew collectibles are as interesting as comic books and the products they inspire. Comic book collectors are not just interested in the value of their items, but are often very invested in the history and cultural significance of their collections. Super heroes also make the best subject matter for box office hit movies, creating real life super stars in the process.

Comic books were originally available for around a dime per book when they hit the newsstands in the 1930′s. Until the late 1980′s, the thin books could be purchased for under a dollar, making them accessible to collectors of all ages. Prices have increased considerably since then, with new comics selling for $3 to $4 each. This may make it more difficult for most kids to stock up at the newsstand, but they still sell by leaps and bounds.

Avid collectors look not only for comic books, but also for accessories such as toys, clothing, and household items. Most people have owned at least one Superman or similar item in their lifetime, even if they were not serious collectors. Continue reading

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